Why buy handmade soap from The Soap Shack?

All of our soaps are handmade in small batches by soap artisan, Kelli Brink. Kelli takes great care and pride in formulating the perfect soap recipes for each product she makes. She has 20 years experience in soap making and has attended several soap making classes and seminars to stay up-to-date on the latest information and techniques. Each individual bar Kelli makes is not only medicinal and soothing, but a unique and one-of-a-kind piece of art.

The Soap Shack has shipped products all over the United States and the globe. We have created soaps for individuals, large corporate events, for accredited universities, for weddings, bridal showers, party favors, stocking stuffers, thank you gifts, and everything in between.

The Soap Shack | Homemade Soap Artist

No harmful chemicals.

Our soaps are made from three basic ingredients: Purified water, 100% pure lye, and a blend of ethically sourced fats & oils.

Forget about the big brand name soaps you buy at the store that contain harmful ingredients like triclosan, parabens, petrochemicals, sodium laureth sulphate, and lots of other big words that are difficult to pronounce. At The Soap Shack, we keep it simple, using tried and true recipes handed down from generations past.

Our products are Earth friendly.

Our simple soaps use only natural ingredients that come from the Earth, so they are safe FOR the Earth. Not only are Soap Shack soaps safe for your skin, but also for delicate septic systems, pipes, and will never compromise our ecosystems, groundwater supplies, or wells.

No animal testing, ever.

When you purchase big brand soaps from the big name stores, you are buying products that have been tested on animals. Our tried and true, old-fashioned, gentle recipes are never tested on animals.

Customer testimonials.

“I developed a rash after being exposed to unknown plants and weeds while working in my garden. After washing with this soap, I woke up the next day and the rash had dried up and was almost completely healed.” -John L., repeat customer

“My one year old son has bad eczema. I’ve tried a few homemade soaps that have helped, but it’s hard to find ones that have absolutely no added color or fragrance. Kelli’s ‘Free & Pure’ soap is amazing and completely eliminates my son’s eczema. I am a repeat customer and will keep coming back.” -Krystal S., repeat customer

“My husband enjoys higher end soaps and skin products because he constantly battles oily and irritated skin. He’s noticed a huge change in his skin since using this soap. He showers with it in the morning, and it provides all day oil control. He loves it.” Amy D., repeat customer


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